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LVL-ing UP
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LVL-ing UP

A 4-week interview series all about mental health and gaming. Hosted by advocate and Twitch streamer, Ellie Rhodes.

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Aug 20, 5:00 PM EDT

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About LVL-ing UP

Ellie has a background in video games, having worked in marketing, community and events management for the last five years. She is now a full time streamer on Twitch, delivering laughter and mental health support through the medium of games. 

In recent years, she has opened up online about her struggle with chronic depression and anxiety, and helped others find ways to fight their own battles. This has led to her finding some more unconventional coping mechanisms, and becoming an advocate for mental health support in the workplace.

In this 4-week series, Ellie will share her thoughts on the state of emotional wellness in gaming, and bring on leaders in the space who are fighting for the community to be more aware, empathetic and mentally minded.

Original Series

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