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56% of employees say stress and anxiety impact their job performance. And yet in most companies, mental health is barely talked about.

Pax the OCD Bot

Learning about mental health isn’t always fun. The language is complicated. The text is long. Pax makes OCD education easy and interactive.

Let's Talk About It

We're producing an ongoing, episodic series about people's experiences with conditions across the mental health spectrum. Want to be featured?


Mental health narratives are often told in clinical and cold ways. Our traveling exhibition SEEN is changing that using relatable art and storytelling.

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The Five Pillars

Listen to cofounder, Lauren O'Shaughnessy, breakdown our community advocacy pillars.

Become an Advocate

Everyone has the power to make an impact. It doesn’t matter where you live, how old you are or the number of followers you have. The strongest movements are fueled by everyday people choosing to give back in whatever ways they can.

Advocate on Social

Sharing our content is super easy and helps us out in a big way. Here are some ideas for getting started. Don’t forget to tag @madeofmillions_ when you post!

  1. Share a weekly stat or quote from our feed.
  2. Pick a new condition each week and promote its page.
  3. Link your followers to our YouTube channel that’s filled with amazing expert interviews.
  4. Post a donation asset and encourage followers to contribute.

Start a Fundraiser

Facebook makes it easy to support the causes you care about. Follow the steps below to start collecting donations.

  1. Login to Facebook and head to their fundraising page.
  2. Hit the “Raise Money” button, select “Nonprofit” from the following screen, and type “Made of Millions” into the search bar. Our organization should show up.
  3. Follow the remaining prompts to set your fundraising goal, start/end dates, and write a description.
  4. Hit Create.
  5. Email us a link to your profile and keep us posted on progress!

Host an Event

Sometimes it’s good to get off the internet and connect with fellow sufferers in real time. Use the below framework to host a Made of Millions meet-up in your area.

  1. Pick a format: Support group, open mic, workshop, cocktail hour, etc.
  2. Pick a location. Anywhere goes — a house, office, school, bar, community center. Ideally, someone is willing to donate a space.
  3. Create a Facebook event page and start promoting! Our OCD Support Group or relevant subreddits are great places to start. If you email us your info, we’ll help promote too.
  4. As the date gets closer, send reminders to everyone who has RSVP’d, including details on any materials you might want people to bring (food, drinks, cameras, paper/pens, etc).
  5. Come up with a list of easy Conversations Starters and print them out for attendees. Encourage people to use them if they're looking for questions to break the ice.
  6. Show up and enjoy! Don’t forget to take pictures and videos, and send them our way.

Email Loved Ones

Sometimes a simple email is the best way to get people’s attention. Compile a list of friends, family, coworkers & neighbors. Then send a message encouraging them to learn more about our work.

Wear Our Merch

We work with independent artists to create mental health-centric art. Head to shop.madeofmillions.com to browse and purchase custom pieces. All proceeds help fund our cause.

Support our work

We’re on a mission to change how the world perceives mental health.