The Made of Millions Foundation is a global advocacy nonprofit on a mission to change how the world perceives mental health.

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Each year, millions of people around the world are diagnosed with a mental health condition. People of every age, country, gender and ethnicity. Millions more go undiagnosed, and are forced to battle their symptoms without the care and support they deserve.

As sufferers, we know their pain. We know the isolation they experience at the hands of cultural stigma. We know the anger they feel at media outlets who misrepresent their conditions. And we know the frustration they have with healthcare systems that make it impossible to find help.

The Made of Millions Foundation wants to heal this pain. Using the power of art, media and digital technology, we're on a mission to transform how the world perceives mental health. And in doing so, create a safer and more inclusive future for sufferers everywhere.

Our Beliefs

Fuel Knowledge Equality

Make life-saving mental health education free and accessible to all.

Fight Cultural Stigma

Normalize the topic of mental health so no one is afraid to seek help.

Inspire Grassroots Advocacy

Empower those affected by mental illness to take a stand for change.

Our Story

In 2015, our small team of creators united around a shared frustration: the mental health landscape wasn’t making progress fast enough. Each year, millions of people were being misdiagnosed, mistreated or missed entirely by the systems set in place to support them — healthcare providers, nonprofits, government agencies, public schools, media outlets.

Why, given all that we know about mental health, were so few people being reached?

We wanted to change this. So, we created an organization dedicated to using modern tools to address our mental health crisis — design, technology, videography, social media, relatable writing. By leveraging these resources, we’ve been able to elevate the quality of mental health information we provide, and get it to those who need it most in half the time.

Today, we launch web platforms, chatbots, TV shows, campaigns and corporate guides that bring mental health advocacy into unchartered spaces. We find new and creative ways to depict symptomology. We create digital support groups that unite thousands, then bring that connectivity to life in global meet-ups and events. And most importantly, we fight everyday to uplift real and diverse narratives, ones that challenge common misconceptions about mental illness and shed light on the widespread harm caused by stigma.

Since 2016, our award-winning properties and experiences have educated millions of people on and offline, including 1 million in U.S. doctors offices and 2.2 million through televised media. We’ve united thousands through digital support groups, sold out exhibitions in London, New York and Toronto, received an honoree title from Fast Co’s World Changing Ideas, and been featured in leading publications including Vice, Esquire, The Independent, The Guardian, Fox, Cosmopolitan and CNBC.

Our Board of Directors

The people that make this all possible.

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We’re on a mission to change how the world perceives mental health.