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Letter to the Ex-Therapist Who Missed My OCD Diagnosis

Receiving the right diagnosis and treatment was vital and life-changing for me.

Written by Alexandra Georgiadis

Gopika Setlur On Mindfulness in the Present Moment

How can self-awareness, reflection and compassion guide us through periods of intense uncertainty?

Written by Lauren O'Shaughnessy

No One Told Me My Thoughts Were Just Thoughts—Not Facts

I want to stop other people from going through what I’ve been through to get a diagnosis.

Written by Kim (Dainty Bailey)

The Ride of My Life

What happens when OCD takes over the wheel?

Written by Mel

Covid-19 and My Relationship with High Functioning Depression

How cultivating self-love and awareness helped me become more empathetic.

Written by greiby janáky medina

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