Jan 11, 9:30 PM EST

Mini Resiliency Talks: Depression & The BIPOC Community

This session is the first of a series of mini-talks on Resiliency and Mental Health within the Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) community. Those who identify BIPOC have statistically been known to experience significant challenges with mental health due to a variety of reasons, including lack of appropriate mental health supports, increased stigma, and lack of cultural understanding from providers.

We hope to spread knowledge and encouragement to those who may identify as BIPOC and to others who may be working in the BIPOC community. In light of the current world situation, we feel there is a need for us to step up and support others as they may be struggling with their mental health.

The first session will be on Depression where we will highlight some of the following:

  • our personal experiences with mental health challenges from a cultural lens
  • The signs and impact of depression
  • Cultural perspectives of depression
  • Interventions for supporting someone experiencing depression
  • Resources


11-Jan-2021 (Monday) at 7:30pm-8:30pm MST

Who should attend:

Anyone who is interested in mental health, identifies as BIPOC (or not) or may be struggling with feeling down, stressed out, anxious or overwhelmed in general.

About your hosts:

Shweta has worked in the healthcare industry for over 18 years, gaining experience in community mental health and addiction. She started her education and career in the United Kingdom. She worked in both inpatient and community settings. Shweta’s passion for mental health can be traced back to when she was a nursing student. She spent a significant time working with new moms, adults, and seniors in the mental health field. Shweta moved to Canada in 2009 and gained more experience in the community and supporting family members. As her career progressed, she started specializing more in psychotherapy and providing more holistic care. As a seasoned Registered Nurse Psychotherapist, she is passionate about advancing individual mental health well being while considering the family as a unit. In addition to managing Rapid Action Health, she is involved in providing education on mental wellness, group therapy, and supporting others on their journey to mental health recovery.

Fola Veritas identifies as a woman of color from a Nigerian, Norwegian and Scottish background. She is a registered psychiatric nurse with over 10 years experience working in Edmonton and the surrounding rural community. She has worked in a variety of therapist roles and enjoys providing support to those who are going through mental health crises. Having experienced her own mental health struggles in young adulthood, and a spiritual emergence at the age of 29. She has since started to incorporate psycho-spiritual forms of healing and wellness in her approach to working with clients. Her interest is in altered states of consciousness through psychedelics and non-drug experiences such as Shamanism. She hopes to bring more awareness to those in the community through education and healing.

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