Nov 18, 11:00 AM EST

Mental Health and Resilience for Entrepreneurs - Let’s connect

Being an entrepreneur can be mentally challenging, especially this year. When we reflect on what entrepreneurs need in 2020, we feel that an infusion of mental health is an answer. We strongly believe that mental health is a long-term success factor for any entrepreneur.

This event is part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Basel and co-created by woowaibeinresonance, and It is kindly supported by the Impact Hub Basel. Join them for a conversation that:

  • Looks at why this role is challenging and how you can check whether you are on a good path.
  • Offers you insights into how other entrepreneurs cope and what are the strategies that work for them.
  • Explains how resilience can be built up.
  • Builds connections

Note: This event is accompanied by a daily morning meditation session during the week. Join us!

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