This Week in Mental Health

The latest on research and advocacy for the week of February 15th.

Written by Esther Fernandez

This Week in Mental Health

01 Research gives new insight on teen bullying, educational needs for caregivers of patients with schizophrenia, the toll of remote learning, and more.

02 "Bachelorette" star Hannah Brown, Tik Toker Addison Rae, and MTV documentary start discussions around mental health.

Conversations about mental health have grown exponentially over the last decade, with more and more people committing to personal and collective wellness. While we have a ways to go before mental health awareness, education and treatment are accessible to all, each day brings new and positive strides within the field. 

Our This Week In Mental Health series covers the latest happenings in research, treatment, human interest stories, and more. Stay updated on new developments so you’re better equipped to navigate the world, and most importantly, your own recovery.

Here’s what’s happening the week of February 15th.


New McLean Hospital Neuroscience Research Program Improves Access for BIPOC Students

The McLean Hospital will now be offering a summer program focusing on giving research experience to BIPOC undergraduate students. The 10-week program will include mentored experience in a laboratory, workshops for scientific success, and outreach and community engagement. Students will also be paid, as those in charge of the program emphasize that unpaid opportunities can be a barrier for low-income BIPOC.

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Most Teen Bullying Occurs Among Peers Climbing The Social Ladder

A new study found that teens who bully tend to be on the same social status as their victims. Anti-bullying campaigns tend to focus on the narrative that behavior from bullies, “...stems from an imbalance of power and is mainly directed at youths in the lower social strata…” However, the University of California Davis found that students who keep friendships over the school year are four times more likely to bully those same friends. Researchers suggest that anti-bullying efforts should focus on strengthening friendships and minimizing the importance of popularity

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Actor Gary Sinise Helps Veterans and First Responders

The Gary Sinise Foundation announced it will launch the Gary Sinise Foundation Avalon Network, where 20 treatment sites nationwide will provide services for veterans and first responders with PTSD, traumatic brain injuries, and substance use disorders. Home Depot co-founder’s, Bernie Marcus and Arthur M. Blank, gave $40 million total to help support the network.

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Gary Sinise Announces Launch of the Gary Sinise Foundation Avalon Network

Caregivers of Patients With Schizophrenia Cite Need for Educational Resources

A study presented at the Nevada Psychiatric Association’s 26th Annual National Psychopharmacology Update states that caregivers of schizophrenia patients, which are mostly parents, feel they lack education in dealing with the disorder. Many of them feel they act as mediators, and are responsible for helping with therapy. Eighty seven percent of caregivers use online resources to help guide them, and the survey results say they would like more education on things like medication and specific symptoms.

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Remote Students Worry More Than Peers In The Classroom

A new study from NBC News and a Stanford nonprofit affiliate shows that students doing remote learning report higher rates of stress and time working on homework. The report collected responses from over 75,000 high school students across the country from Fall 2018 to Fall 2020. Despite students benefiting from in-person learning, there are still debates about the safety of sending students back to school at this time.

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Low-income Middle-aged African American Women With Hypertension Are Likely To Suffer From Depression

Researchers at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health found that 60% of low-income middle-aged African-American women with high blood pressure screened for depression. About 57% of the 300 women screened scored 10 or greater on the CES-10-D questionnaire, suggesting significant depressive symptoms. Researchers urge more screening and better treatment for those at risk.

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'Bachelorette' Star Hannah Brown Reveals She Struggled With An Eating Disorder

Hannah Brown, from Season 23 of The Bachelor, posted a video talking about her eating disorder. Growing up, she participated in beauty pageants and began dieting to lose weight. Eventually, that morphed into restrictive eating habits that she struggled with while on The Bachelor and Dancing With The Stars. Once life slowed down, she realized how unhealthy her eating habits had become, prompting her recovery.

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My Struggles With Body Image

Addison Rae Opens Up About Success and Mental Health

Tik Toker Addison Rae has gained over 70 million followers on Tik Tok in just a year and half. In her latest interview with Glamour, she opens up about her new-found fame, as well as the negative comments she gets regarding her body. She explains how difficult it is to be in the spotlight, and how starting therapy this past year has helped her.

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“Each And Every Day” Spotlights Teen Survivors' Stories

MTV aired Alexandra Shiva’s documentary this week, highlighting stories of suicide survivors. The film focuses on young and diverse marginalized communities, with the goal of destigmatizing conversations around mental health. The film also touches on racism in light of the Black Lives Matter protests from this past summer.

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