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Mar 24, 6:00 PM EDT

Why is Getting ERP Treatment for OCD So Difficult?

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Hosted by Stephen Smith

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An overview of the OCD "Problem Cycle" and how it's caused OCD to fall off-the-radar of the healthcare industry. Stephen will talk about the importance of finding an OCD specialist who can teach people to accept their thoughts mindfully, and offer recommendations for navigating the complicated world of care. He'll close with a discussion about managing OCD between therapy sessions, including recommendations for books, podcasts and digital self-help tools that can aid in the process.

About Stephen Smith

Stephen is a passionate OCD advocate and the founder of NOCD — a holistic OCD treatment app that helps sufferers connect with therapists and manage therapy. He founded NOCD after feeling frustrated with a lack of treatment resources and support during his own OCD recovery. In his spare time, he enjoys running hill sprints, listening to audiobooks, and eating breakfast no matter the time of day.

About NOCD

Are you overwhelmed by disturbing, repetitive thoughts that you don't want to be having? Do these thoughts center on things you care about, or values that you hold as an individual? Have they forced you to stop doing things you used to enjoy, or being around people you love?

If this sounds like you, you might be living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder — an intense anxiety disorder characterized by unwanted intrusive thoughts (obsessions) and fear-minimizing behaviors (compulsions). In this series, OCD advocate and NOCD founder, Stephen Smith, will walk viewers through the recommended treatment for OCD: Exposure and Response Prevention Therapy. He'll bring on doctors, sufferers and friends to explain the process and shed light on their experiences with recovery.

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