Apr 29, 9:00 PM EDT

The Line Up: A Conversation with Erin Slinde

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Hosted by Derek Gold, Ben Ruvo

Ben and Derek bring on Erin Slinde — a recent graduate Setter for the West Virginia University Women’s Volleyball Team. Erin made the Academic All-Big 12 First Team all four years at WVU, and graduated with impressive career stats. She'll be chatting about the intense pressures of collegiate sports, how those pressures impacted her college experience, and how she's coping today.To learn more about Erin, check out Open Mind Gymm's interview with her here.

About Derek Gold

Derek Gold is a passionate mental health advocate and member of Towson University's golf team. He is originally from Clarksville, Maryland. Derek has been outspoken about his experiences with mental health, and how physical injury has affected his wellbeing. He hosts The Line-Up alongside friend and fellow collegiate athlete, Ben Ruvo.

About Ben Ruvo

Ben Ruvo is a student-athlete at Washington College on the East Coast of Maryland and founder of OpenMindGymm — a mental health advocacy group for student athletes. Through his organization, he is hoping to spread awareness of mental challenges faced by today's college students and help fund nonprofits who are making a difference in the space.

About The Line-Up

College athletes have a lot on their plate — maintaining good grades, making it to early-morning practices, traveling to games, attempting to have a social life. Amidst it all, mental health often gets forgotten. Ben and Max Ruvo want to change that.

After fighting their own battles with anxiety and depression, the two college athletes are looking to change the way mental health is addressed in highly competitive athletic spaces. Join them for an ongoing Q&A series featuring fellow athletes, coaches and advocates breaking down their personal experiences and offering advice for young people battling similar challenges.

Season 1 of The Line Up was hosted via YouTube with Ben Ruvo and Derek Gold as hosts. Season 2 is now a podcast hosted by Ben and Max. Find it on Apple, Spotify and other leading platforms.

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