May 27, 6:00 PM EDT

Quarantine Fatigue and Coping with Feelings of Uncertainty

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Hosted by Mary-Lyn Kieffer

Join Dr. Linton and Canadian Director, Mary-Lyn for a discussion on quarantine fatigue and coping.

As we hit the +60 day mark of quarantine, tools for coping continue to be challenged with each new social and public health announcement. Dr. Linton will give some insight into this, and offer recommendations for what people can do to build resilience and minimize anxiety during this ever-changing time.

More about Dr. Brittany Linton

Dr. Brittany Linton focuses on helping each person better understand the psychological and health mechanisms at play in their everyday lives by building actionable skills to shape their potential for change. With a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from the University of Texas at Austin, Dr. Linton currently works as a licensed clinical psychologist in San Francisco, California as an integrated health psychologist and expert in behavioral medicine for the Veterans Healthcare System. She works on interdisciplinary health teams to ensure every person has access to meet all of their needs--physical and mental--in one location. She also lectures on resiliency strategies, improving communication, and addressing diversity, inclusivity, and healthcare disparity.

As a former clinical operations leader for Mindstrong Health, a venture-backed mental health startup, Dr. Linton also brings a background in healthcare technology, and now serves as a consultant to tech companies and innovation organizations. Dr. Linton believes in continual innovation and improvement in our health and our healthcare, whether at the individual level of one-on-one sessions, around a collaborative table for creative ideas, or when speaking to larger audiences to educate and empower. Dr. Linton truly believes each opportunity of engagement is the chance to open space for every individual to identify new pathways forward.

About Mary-Lyn Kieffer

Mary-Lyn Kieffer is a mental health advocate and Director of Made of Millions Foundation, Canada. She oversees all event production, digital programming, advocacy and fundraising initiatives taking place in Canada. Prior to her advocacy work, she was a marketing and business development professional in both the financial and legal industries, as well as an event producer, producing educational events for executives from Fortune 500 companies. Mary-Lyn holds a Master's Degree and Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Economics and Finance. 

In 2018 she left the corporate world after experiencing severe symptoms of OCD. Her personal experience opened her eyes to the lack of accessible mental health care, and drove her to seek out advocacy initiatives that allowed her to give back to the community. In addition to her work at Made of Millions, Mary-Lyn is an active member of the Toronto OCD community. In 2018, she completed the Peer Support Training program at Mood Disorders Association of Ontario. Using her knowledge to help others, she co-facilitates the Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous Support Group, as well as an OCD peer support group held at Sunnybrook Hospital.

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