Apr 02, 3:00 PM EDT

Maternal Minds: Nora Pelot Talks Perinatal OCD

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Hosted by Windsor Flynn

Nora Pelot, an elementary school teacher, has had OCD since she was a teenager.  When the disorder attacks her pregnancy, she is caught off guard. Listen in to hear how she managed her perinatal and postpartum symptoms of OCD.

About Windsor Flynn

Windsor Flynn is an OCD sufferer turned mental health writer and advocate. She is currently the executive assistant of two very demanding and high profile children, aged 6 and 2. Windsor has a background in psychology and creative writing after her time studying at the University of Barcelona and San Francisco State University. When she isn’t busy writing about living with OCD or chauffeuring her kids around San Francisco, you can find her posing as a lady-who-lunches. 

About Maternal Minds

From bedtime rituals, to relentless thoughts of harming their own babies, real mothers share how anxiety turned the happiest times of their lives, into an endless cycle of what-ifs. Hosted by advocate and OCD-sufferer, Windsor Flynn, Maternal Minds unpacks post-partum OCD through eye-opening interviews and informative presentations.

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