May 07, 6:00 PM EDT

Live Performance by James Baley

James will perform his unreleased songs, "Keep the Light on", which was inspired by two close people in his life that have suffered over the years with addiction and other challenges. After the performance, he will join us for a Q&A where he will discuss his inspiration behind the song, and how he has managed the challenges that come with supporting loved ones that are deeply struggling. He will also discuss his own struggles with anxiety, and the stigma that remains so prevalent in his community.

James Baley is a Juno nominated, multi-disciplinary performer and music creator from Toronto who’s unapologetic energy magnetizes audiences. His lyrical style and soulful vocals take you on a journey through moments, memories and misfortune. James’ work with producer Azari on the track “Gotasoul” garnered him a Juno nomination for Dance Recording of Year (2019). 

About Mary-Lyn Kieffer

Mary-Lyn Kieffer is a mental health advocate and Director of Made of Millions Foundation, Canada. She oversees all event production, digital programming, advocacy and fundraising initiatives taking place in Canada. Prior to her advocacy work, she was a marketing and business development professional in both the financial and legal industries, as well as an event producer, producing educational events for executives from Fortune 500 companies. Mary-Lyn holds a Master's Degree and Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Economics and Finance. 

In 2018 she left the corporate world after experiencing severe symptoms of OCD. Her personal experience opened her eyes to the lack of accessible mental health care, and drove her to seek out advocacy initiatives that allowed her to give back to the community. In addition to her work at Made of Millions, Mary-Lyn is an active member of the Toronto OCD community. In 2018, she completed the Peer Support Training program at Mood Disorders Association of Ontario. Using her knowledge to help others, she co-facilitates the Obsessive Compulsive Anonymous Support Group, as well as an OCD peer support group held at Sunnybrook Hospital.

About Ask the Advocates

Millions and millions of people around the world live with mental illness, but their stories are not all the same. They come from different places, cultures, communities and countries. They like different things, have different kinds of friends, and cope with their symptoms in different ways. When talking about mental health, it's important that we highlight these differences and explore how they shape our experiences. Mental health narratives should be as diverse and unique as we are.

Ask the Advocates is an ongoing Q&A series with outspoken mental health sufferers from around the world. Guests will open up about their experiences living with a wide range of conditions and symptoms, and answer your questions about pain, growth, healing, treatment and more. Before each episode, spend some time learning about the scheduled guest and come prepared with questions that are relevant to what they've been through.

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