Apr 26, 2:00 PM EDT

Finding Mental Health Support through Gaming

Ellie has a background in video games, having worked in marketing, community and events management for the last five years. She is now a full time streamer on Twitch, delivering laughter and mental health support through the medium of games. 

In recent years, she has opened up online about her struggle with chronic depression and anxiety, and helped others find ways to fight their own battles. This has lead to her finding some more unconventional coping mechanisms, and becoming an advocate for mental health support in the workplace.

Join Ellie for a live Q&A about her background working in the video game industry, and how she uses Twitch as a medium for honest dialogue and mental health support among the community she has created. She'll also discuss her experiences struggling with depression and anxiety, and how she has found unconventional ways to cope. 

Find Ellie on Twitter and Twitch at @elliejoypanic.

About Ask the Advocates

Millions and millions of people around the world live with mental illness, but their stories are not all the same. They come from different places, cultures, communities and countries. They like different things, have different kinds of friends, and cope with their symptoms in different ways. When talking about mental health, it's important that we highlight these differences and explore how they shape our experiences. Mental health narratives should be as diverse and unique as we are.

Ask the Advocates is an ongoing Q&A series with outspoken mental health sufferers from around the world. Guests will open up about their experiences living with a wide range of conditions and symptoms, and answer your questions about pain, growth, healing, treatment and more. Before each episode, spend some time learning about the scheduled guest and come prepared with questions that are relevant to what they've been through.

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