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Aug 31, 4:00 PM EDT

Chinae Alexander on Body Dysmorphia & Self-Image in a Digital World

Former Texan-turned-New Yorker, Chinae Alexander is an entrepreneur, lifestyle personality, writer, speaker, and wellness-seeker based in Brooklyn, New York. Her message is to empower people to be better through positive thinking, active change, self-love… with a lot of laughing and sarcasm along the way.

Chinae spent 8 years in the world of Marketing/PR in the luxury home sector as a Director, launched and owned a successful event planning company, and now has made the full transition to full time social entrepreneur. She is in the beginning stages of her first book, and is the host of Press Send Podcast

In this episode of Well Made, host Susan of ATEM will learn more about Chinae's battle with body dysmorphia, and how existing in a digital world can warp our self-image. Come hang!

About Susan Im

Susan Yoomin Im is a New York based Korean-American creative and the founder of ATEM, a holistic wellness brand that champions self-care and mental health. Having experienced and lived with chronic illness, trauma, and depression, Susan is a passionate advocate for those that struggle with poor health and mental health. She is also passionate about causes centered around education, children, sexual assault, domestic violence, and arts education.

About Well Made

Susan Im is a mental health advocate, sexual assault survivor, and small business owner as the founder of ATEM — a wellness brand committed to challenging negative stereotypes and advancing conversations about mental and holistic wellbeing. She's passionate about her community and peers, and is dedicated to seeing mental health become a common vernacular amongst all peoples -- regardless of their age, location, gender, race, and other forms of identity. 

In Well Made, she'll host conversations on a wide range of topics that are close to her heart — workplace burnout, trauma, faith and wellbeing. She'll answer questions like... what does mental health look like in application? How do you get from a place of suffering to a place of recovery? How do you learn to live or walk with what you have, or what were you were born with? Tune-in at the end of each month to watch, engage and explore intersectional topics alongside people who understand. 

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