Sep 21, 12:00 PM EDT

Bisexual, Recovering & Proud with Dr. Jamie Marich

Bisexuality is one of the most misunderstood expressions within the LGBTQ+ spectrum. Bisexuals or other individuals under the bisexual umbrella (e.g., pansexuals, omnisexuals, or other queer identities) can be thwarted with cruel commentary like, "Why can't you just pick a side," "You must be confused," or "You can't be trusted."

In celebration of #BiWeek, clinical trauma specialist, trainer, author, openly bisexual woman, and person in long-term recovery, Dr. Jamie Marich will:

  • Speak about her own experience navigating these oppressive cognitions in her early life and recovery
  • Explain why this phenomenon of being pulled between two worlds or being made to feel like your identity is not valid can add an extra layer of wounding for bisexuals
  • Lead a Q&A discussion about all things bisexual and the recovery process.

If you are a woman (cisgender or transgender) or a non-binary individual who identifies with women’s communities, and if you are in recovery or seeking recovery, we welcome you to join us. We are all recovering from something. We are here to support and connect with one another – regardless of what we are recovering from.

This live event is part of the SHE RECOVERS Foundation's #MentalHealthMonday educational series featuring today's leaders in women's wellness, mental health, addiction recovery, and healing. SHE RECOVERS is a non-profit with the mission to inspire hope, reduce stigma and empower women in or seeking recovery for behavioral health issues and other life challenges so they can increase their recovery capital, heal themselves, and help other women to do the same.

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