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About Us

Made of Millions is a grassroots mental health platform made by sufferers, for sufferers, that uses art and technology to inspire advocacy.

As a global non-profit organization, we believe that progress starts with the individual, and that those most affected my mental health will be the ones to drive the greatest change.

Through digital community, media and conversation we seek to challenge cultural misperceptions, celebrate mental health changemakers and empower global advocacy on the local level.

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Our Story

In 2013, Rose Cartwright published an article in The Guardian about her battle with a little known subtype of OCD called Pure O. Her life, and the lives of many others, changed forever as a result. Messages poured in from around the world detailing the fear and pain people had endured at the hands of OCD. One of those messages, came from Aaron Harvey — an entrepreneur who had silently battled undiagnosed anxiety and depression.

In the years since, Rose’s story has paved the way for numerous advocacy projects, including her own memoir that recently launched as a Channel 4 TV show, an OCD awareness platform, and the first ever OCD chatbot (its name is Pax) — projects built in partnership between Rose, Aaron, Anastasia Kuznetsova and Lauren O’Shaughnessy, all of whom have volunteered time, money and energy to advocate for improvements in mental health care.

Along the way, they witnessed the passion that mental health survivors around the world were putting into their own advocacy. To honor their efforts, they launched Made of Millions — a platform that places the sufferer at the center of the conversation and gives people the tools they need to thrive.

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