Shame Shouldn't Be A Symptom

No two mental health stories are exactly alike, but they often share a common thread — the shame associated with having an atypical mind. 

Shame silences us. It boxes us into tight corners and holds our mouths shut. At its worst, it alters our perception of self, making us believe we are broken and beyond repair. 

But out in the open, shame loses its power. 

This mental health awareness month, we’re sharing stories about mental health shame and the lies it tells us.

A partnership with artist Ian Woods explores the complex journey’s of four advocates — Crystal Anderson, Windsor Flynn, Jezz Chung and Jason Rosario — while testimonials from our community allow global sufferers to unpack the role shame has played in their life through the hashtag #ShameKeptMeFrom.

Windsor Flynn is an OCD sufferer, mental health advocate & Made of Millions board advisor. She started speaking up about mental health after experiencing severe postpartum OCD following the birth of her two children. Empowered to make sure that others living with taboo intrusive thoughts don't go undiagnosed like she did, Windsor began sharing her story online in order to demystify the condition and educate people on its complexities. 

She sat down with fellow advocate and therapist, Allegra Kastens, for a candid conversation about shame and OCD. Read in full here.

Jason Rosario is the Chief DE&I Officer at BBDO, founder of Lives of Men, and a Made of Millions board advisor. An Afro-Latino native New Yorker, Rosario has spent most of his life questioning societal expectations of health and vulnerability. As an advocate, he speaks openly about his experiences with mental health, racism, and modern day masculinity. In particular, the emotional pressures of being a Black man in the United States.

Jason sat down with fellow advocate and artist, Aaron Ramey, for a candid conversation about shame, depression, seeking balance and Black masculinity. Read in full here.

Crystal Anderson is an advocate, fashion enthusiast, cofounder of A Very Good Job, and a Made of Millions board advisor. Over the years, she's been open about the ups and downs of her mental health, in particular her experiences with OCD and depression, and how her life as a Black queer woman intersects with her emotional wellbeing.

Crystal sat down with the Made of Millions team for a candid conversation about shame, intrusive thoughts, and the importance of diverse advocacy. Read in full here.

Jezz Chung is a queer, neurodivergent, autistic, Korean American with chronic depression and ADHD. In professional and personal spaces, they openly share their lived experiences as a means of inspiring others and destigmatizing tough conversations about topics like communal care, intergenerational trauma, and healing.

Jezz sat down with fellow advocate and Diversability founder, Tiffany Yu, for a candid conversation about her diagnoses and experiences as an Asian American in 2021. Read in full here.


Shame kept me from becoming the person I was meant to be.


Shame kept me from getting help sooner.

Shame kept me from crying.


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