Covid-19 has been hard on us all. If you're struggling, these resources might help.
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Apr 01, 11:00 AM EDT

Time to Talk: Self-Isolation Chats During Covid-19

Dan Furlong of Male Anxiety and Depression is hosting MAD Time To Talk online zoom meetings to help combat feelings of self-isolation during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tune-in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3pm EST. To join, download the Zoom App and enter the meeting code 525-744-7824. If you don’t want to join with your camera, no worries! You can just use audio.

Acerca de Dan Furlong

After a 20 year struggle with OCD and addiction, Dan found a 12-step fellowship program and psychologist that would be his saving grace. Once he learnt the true nature of both illnesses, it was only then that he was able to turn the tables on his condition and restore his self-respect. Dan now openly shares his scars by speaking on stages across the globe and is part of a charity that speaks to young people about mental health and addiction.

He is also the entrepreneur behind the brands Desert Chill and Wild&Fit. When he’s not working, running, speaking on stages, or helping others, Dan is a massive sports fan and enjoys spending time with friends and family.

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