Jul 21, 12:00 PM EDT

Shame On Us: Exploring Sexual Shame

How can messages from our childhood impact our view of sex as adults? What about messages from society and the media? How can we feel empowered to push past these feelings?

In episode 6 of #INTERSEXTIONS, Davondra discusses different forms of "sexual shame" and their origins. She offers recommendations for overcoming them and learning to feel confident in your sexuality.

Acerca de Davondra Brown

Davondra Brown is a Master Certified Health Education Specialist who specializes in providing sexual wellness education to health and helping professionals. She is published in the Journal of African American Studies, and the author of Alphabet Gumbo: Spice Up Your Sex Pot. She has presented at health and wellness conferences such as the Black Birth Matters Conference, the Black Women’s Wellness Conference and Tulane University’s Sex Week, and serves as the Vice Chair of the Board of Commissioners & Vice-Coordinator of the Division Board for Professional Development, both for the National Commission for Health Education Credentialing.

Acerca de Intersextions

After Hours is an ongoing series that unpacks the overlap between sex and mental health. It combines perspectives from sex educators, doctors and everyday people to destigmatize intimacy, answer taboo questions and encourage healthy bedroom habits.

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