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Jun 17, 9:45 AM EDT

HUMANITECH: A Digital Wellness Conference

As technology offers new solutions to problems big and small - taking up more space in our lives as a result - we struggle to stay informed, intentional and in touch with our deepest human values. 

To ensure that we stay grounded and make conscious decisions about technology's many roles, we must hold on to an age-old truth: HUMANITY is greater than tech.

HUMANITECH is the first-ever digital wellness event to bring together such a diverse, inspirational and experienced line-up of thought leaders - from psychologists and artists to educators, executives, neuroscientists, and architects. Hosted by Teodora Pavkovic and Anya Pechko.

Join them live as they discuss the many facets of technology's impact on humanity. Head here to check out the full 2-day lineup.

Acerca de Teodora Pavkovic

Teodora is a New York-Singapore-based psychologist and parenting coach with over a decade of international experience helping both children and adults improve their emotional and mental well-being. Her unique approach draws from the fields of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), emotional intelligence, positive neuroplasticity, interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory as well as Strategic Intervention Coaching. She uses research-based tools to help her clients lead fulfilling and intentional lives. Learn more about her work at

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