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Mar 30, 10:00 AM EDT

Children and Technology

Parte de Teodora Talks Tech

Presentado por Teodora Pavkovic

Smart phones, tablets, texting apps and social media - good or bad, one thing we know for certain is that none of them were created with children in mind. And yet, the age at which children start using and owning personal smart devices is getting to be younger and younger and the number of children owning these devices is becoming bigger and bigger. The debate on children and technology is a highly polarized one, but once we block out all the noise around this issue what are the real issues that remain? What do we need to be mindful of when it comes to children's digital behavior at home and in school? In this episode, we will boil down to the basic needs children have in order to grow up mentally, emotionally and physically strong, and see how the presence of technology in their lives stands up to that challenge.

Acerca de Teodora Pavkovic

Teodora is a New York-Singapore-based psychologist and parenting coach with over a decade of international experience helping both children and adults improve their emotional and mental well-being. Her unique approach draws from the fields of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), emotional intelligence, positive neuroplasticity, interpersonal neurobiology, attachment theory as well as Strategic Intervention Coaching. She uses research-based tools to help her clients lead fulfilling and intentional lives. Learn more about her work at

Acerca de Teodora Talks Tech

The modern pace of life, and technology's role in speeding it up, is making it increasingly hard to maintain presence, focus and emotional balance. In an increasingly online world, how can we gain insight into our problematic digital habits and develop best-practices that help us use technology in ways that support our mental health? In this series, therapist and parenting coach, Teodora Pavkovic, will explore what digital wellness means for children and adults, and how we can go about forming healthy relationships with our tech in the present, and prepare for innovations that are yet to come. 

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