May 29, 2:30 PM EDT

Bridging The Mental Health Treatment Gap: Ways To Reduce Stigma In The Workplace

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Mental health stigma remains persistent in workplaces and plays a role in the mental health treatment gap by preventing conversations and treatment-seeking behavior. 8 in 10 employees don’t seek treatment because of fear and shame.

In this panel brought to you by Mind Share Partners, you'll learn how workplace stigma impacts the mental health treatment gap, alongside actionable ways to reduce stigma within their own workplaces.

Panelists will share real experiences and the lessons they've learned. Tune in to hear from Mind Share founder and CEO, Kelly Greenwood, writer and founder of Depressed While Black, Imadé Nibokun, and Global Co-Lead of Verizon Media's Neurodiversity Employee Research Group, Matt Johnstone.

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The state of mental health in modern workplaces is bleak. Anxiety and depression are on the rise, stigma remains high, technology continues to blur the line between work-life and home-life, and employers are struggling to combat the problem head-on. It’s time for change, but when it comes to mental health, what does real change look like?

Dear Manager is an ongoing series about all things workplace mental health. Members of the Made of Millions team, including executive director, Aaron Harvey, will bring on business owners, HR leaders, workplace advocates, lawyers and doctors to tackle a wide range of topics including workplace stigma, accommodation plans, employee confidentiality, mental and physical health parity, and more. 

The series is an extension of Made of Millions viral #DearManager campaign that raised awareness of modern workplace mental health challenges. It was alongside the foundation's Beautiful Brains guide — a six-step manual that provides employers with actionable recommendations for updating their mental health policies. Learn more about the campaign and download a copy at

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