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This Week In Mental Health

The latest on research and advocacy for the week of October 25th.

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This Week In Mental Health

01 Research looks at employees quitting their jobs due to stress, people reporting inadequate mental health networks, lack of mental health crisis training for emergency call centers, and more.

02 Christy Carlson, Jimi Goodwin, BENEE, and Chance the Rapper start conversations around mental health.

TW// Mentions of eating disorders

Conversations about mental health have grown exponentially over the last decade, with more and more people committing to personal and collective wellness. While we have a ways to go before mental health awareness, education and treatment are accessible to all, each day brings new and positive strides within the field. 

Our This Week In Mental Health series covers the latest happenings in research, treatment, human interest stories, and more. Stay updated on new developments so you’re better equipped to navigate the world, and most importantly, your own recovery.

Here’s what’s happening the week of October 25th.


Nearly 20 Per Cent Of Canadians Resigned Amid Pandemic Due To Work Stress 

During the pandemic, about one in five workers in Canada resigned because of stress from their job. Researchers surveyed 3,000 people in Canada who had a job within the past six months, and reported that older participants and parents had a higher likelihood of resigning, and about 16 percent of workers resigned because of caregiving. Additionally, 29 percent of workers want more options for work locations once the pandemic ends, but only half had employers who brought up the topic.

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Millions Planning To Quit In Post-Pandemic 'Great Resignation'

Many Privately Insured Adults Think Their Mental Health Network is Inadequate

Adults with private insurance have a higher likelihood of reporting that their networks for mental health aren’t as adequate as medical networks. Researchers from Yale School of Public Health surveyed over 700 adults who experienced mental and medical care this past year. Participants were two times more likely to report being dissatisfied about their mental health network versus their medical network. The authors also emphasized that primary care providers may help fill the gap, as many participants in the study didn’t think there were inadequate networks for mental health if they received treatment from a primary care provider.

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Pew Survey Finds 911 Call Centers Lack Proper Training To Deal With Behavioral Health Crises

Most 911 call centers in the US do not have enough staff who are trained to address behavioral health crises. Pew Research Center surveyed 37 call centers, and found that centers often aren’t trained in crisis intervention and mental health, and do not have enough clinicians to send out for specialized calls. The study also highlights a lack of required protocol in the US for handling mental health emergencies. 

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Brain Activity Patterns After Trauma May Predict Long-Term Mental Health 

How someone responds to stress after experiencing a traumatic event may indicate their long term mental health. While responses after traumatic events vary, researchers wanted to understand what specific factors are involved in affecting mental health. The study looked at 69 participants who experienced a car crash. The participants had MRI scans done while they completed tasks, and then were surveyed over six months. There were four profiles created, and researchers were able to find a relationship between reactive/disinhibited profiles and PTSD/anxiety. Further research to refine these profiles could help with providing better and more accurate care to trauma survivors.

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Christy Carlson Romano Developed an Eating Disorder That Left Her 'Unhappy' and 'Unhealthy'  

Disney star Christy Carlson shared her journey with having an eating disorder. She says that while she was on the show Even Stevens, people on set would comment about her body and made her self conscious about being too skinny. As she grew up, she continued to struggle with body image and eating habits. Once she became a mother and gained weight, she learned how to better listen to her body, and she now encourages people to seek help if they’re in the same situation she was in.

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How I Beat My Eating Disorder

Doves Cancel Tour Due To Singer Jimi Goodwin's Mental Health

Lead singer Jimi Goodwin from the band “Doves” announced that he is canceling the band’s upcoming tour because of his mental health. In the announcement, the band explains that they have to take each other's welfare seriously, and Goodwin clarified that while he apologizes for those who bought tickets, he doesn’t believe people should apologize for struggling with mental health. 

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BENEE Opens Up About Mental Health On New Single 'Doesn't Matter'

Singer BENEE talked about her mental health in light of her new single. She addresses not releasing music for a while after struggling with her mental health, and says she was diagnosed with OCD during the pandemic. She says she wrote her newest single when she was still struggling, and explains how the song explores what it would be like to live without anxiety and depression.

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Chance the Rapper Says He Has a 'Lot of Dark Days' and Currently 'Deals with PTSD'

Chance the Rapper is set to release an interview where he gets personal about his mental health. A preview of the interview shows him talking about how mental health wasn’t normalized in his household, and how people who showed certain symptoms were written off as “crazy.” He explains how he suffers from PTSD after seeing his friend get killed when he was younger, and appreciates how the mainstream conversation around mental health is changing. 

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