Introducing Swirl 2.0: An Interview with Andy Walton

The founder opens up about their new member platform, and how he copes with anxiety

Hi! I'm Bre, and I have Generalized Anxiety and Depression

What you don't see behind my calm facade

Bad Things Don't Always Last: An Interview with Dior Vargas

The Latina activist discusses stigma, access to care, and her latest project

My ADHD Isn't a Lack of Discipline: An Interview with Marc Almodovar

The life coach discusses his diagnosis and thoughts on healing

Visualizing Pure O: An Interview with Martha Lamont

The artist bringing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder to life

Giving Voice to the Underserved: An Interview with Dr. Kevin Nadal

The professor, psychologist and activist discusses the importance of diversifying mental health care

Artist Aaron Ramey Unpacks Masculinity in New Project

The work includes a collection of 11 photographs from his time in Havana, Cuba

HMN Supports Mental Health Education Through New Partnership with Made of Millions

Together we're empowering mental health awareness across the U.S.

Beautiful Brains: A Mental Health Manual for the Modern Workforce

We're on a mission to make mental health a business priority

I Fight By Speaking: An Interview with Mark Joyella

The journalist opens up about his advocacy and why we need to rethink the treatment experience

Rob Ford is Helping Tech Leaders Open Up Online

The entrepreneur recently launched a mental health Q&A series for professionals in the digital space

Space Bat Killer Uses Art to Connect and Inspire

Artist, Sean Bernhardt, illustrates the dark side of his anxiety

Dr. Joy is Helping Black Women Reach Recovery

Her organization, Therapy for Black Girls, connects young women with qualified professionals

Diana Chao is Taking Youth Advocacy to a New Level

The Letters to Strangers founder is fostering peer-to-peer support amongst international teens

Bad Boy Papi Thinks Real Men Should Cry

The Orlando based artist talks depression, therapy and the importance of self-love

Workplace Stigma is Bad For Business

Unaddressed mental health problems lead to low productivity for corporations, and worsening symptomology for employees

Poverty is a Mental Health Crisis

Socioeconomic strain exacerbates and triggers mental conditions in those affected

Keep Gender Out of Diagnosis

Feminine and masculine stereotypes promote emotional suppression and skew rates of diagnosis.

Let's Talk About Sex

Mental conditions can have a huge impact on intimacy, but it’s not something to be ashamed of.

Our Crisis Behind Bars

The US prison system is incarcerating mentally ill individuals at alarming rates, exacerbating symptoms and creating a dangerous cycle of recidivism

Don't Forget About Addiction

Mental illness and drug abuse are intertwined health crises that cannot be solved independently.

Race Impacts Prognosis, Not Prevalence

Racialized diagnostic patterns impact the efficacy of treatment for people of color

Professional Help Isn't Always a Step Forward

Misdiagnosis rates remain high due to insufficient training, cultural bias and miscommunication.

Your Disorder Doesn’t Make You a Threat

Blaming violent crime on mental illness is misinformed scapegoating that hurts sufferers

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