The Mental Health Matrix™

Made of Millions teamed up with Yahoo to conduct a global research study on mental health in the workplace. The result is The Mental Health Matrix™ — a new model for identifying sources of strain and empowering managers to address them.


After a year that has tested the world’s mental wellness on a historic scale, companies now recognize the need to address employee mental health. However, there is a gap between recognizing mental health as a workplace issue and creating a company culture that effectively addresses it. As a result, The Mental Health Matrix™ aims to close the gap by embracing neurodiversity, reducing systematic discrimination and triggers in the workplace, and adapting to employee’s personal struggles. A model for managing mental health in the workplace, The Mental Health Matrix™ puts mental wellness on managers’ radar, reduces “othering”, alleviates the bottleneck Human Resources is experiencing and most importantly, shifts the script from diagnosing mental health conditions to empowering managers to take action.

Most managers don’t feel equipped to take on the challenge of mental health, lacking the language and resources to navigate the diversity of employees’ needs. As they hand off challenges to HR, this creates a bottleneck effect in a department that is overwhelmed and struggling themselves. The Mental Health Matrix™ helps to alleviate these issues by mapping out the full extent of mental health challenges and distributing the workload accordingly.


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