Covid-19 has been hard on us all. If you're struggling, these resources might help.

Nov 22, 7:00 PM EST

RMRT: What's Good Bruh? National Virtual Wellness

In this virtual discussion about mental health we will speak with health professionals, and the community across the national AAWellness platform covering the following:

  1. Opener: 2020 State of Mental Health(How are you received as a Mental Health Professional?)
  2. Discussion: Why don't all men talk to mental health?
  3. Topic: Home for the Holidays... Covid-19 spike stress, how to cope?
  4. Closer: How to close out 2020 in good health? (Tips from the professionals)
  5. Thanks and Resources

Real Men, Real Talk: Whats Good Bruh?

...Is a natural discussion with men, especially African American/Black men who often do not have SAFE SPACES to express their emotions, angers, fears, vulnerabilities. We offer a safe space for men to express.


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