Jan 22, 2:00 PM EST

Breaking Intergenerational Patterns of Addictions


Some people can trace patterns of addiction and substance use related deaths within their family for four or five generations. Sad are the stories of parents who get sober and suddenly find themselves grieving the overdose death of a son or daughter. Or a father and son who meet for the first time while incarcerated. Each arrested for drug related offenses.

In this presentation you will learn strategies to help break intergenerational patterns of addiction. A partial list of topics includes: risk factors and pathways of intergenerational addiction, unique risks for children of parents with substance use disorders, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum disorder as a risk factor and intervention strategies, Co-occurring conditions and trauma as risk factors, the impact of siblings on the intergenerational transmission of addiction, parenting practices and cultural rituals which help reduce intergenerational transmission of addiction, Addressing dark family secrets as an intervention strategy, the role of addictions treatment, persons in recovery and the entire community in breaking intergenerational patterns of Addiction.

Objectives: By the end of this workshop you will:

  • Understand 6 risk factors for intergenerational patterns of addiction
  • Understand 7 risk factors for children of parents with substance use disorders (SUD'S)
  • Be able to increase resilience among children of parents with SUD's, thus decreasing the risk of addiction.
  • Leave with six strategies parents can use to help break intergenerational patterns of addictions
  • Be able to utilize 7 strategies as a treatment provider to help reduce intergenerational patterns of addiction
  • Be aware of the role of persons in recovery and the community in helping to break intergenerational patterns of addiction


Mark Sanders, LCSW, CADC, is an international speaker, trainer, and consultant in the behavioral health field whose work has reached thousands throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Caribbean and British Islands.

Mark is the author of five books, which focus on behavioral health. Recent writings include Slipping through the Cracks: Intervention Strategies for Clients Multiple Addictions and Disorders, Recovery Management: and Relationship Detox: Helping Clients Develop Healthy Relationships in Recovery. He has had two stories published in the New York Times best-selling books series, Chicken Soup for the Soul. Mark has been a certified addictions counselor for 34 years. He has received numerous awards including a Life Time Achievement Award from the Illinois Addiction Counselor Certification Board and the Barbara Bacon Award for outstanding contributions to the Social Work profession as a Loyola University of Chicago Alumni.

Mark is co-founder of Serenity Academy of Chicago, the only recovery high school in Illinois. He is past president of the board of the Illinois Chapter of NAADAC. He has had a 30 year career as a university educator having taught at the University of Chicago, Illinois State University, Illinois School of Professional Psychology, and Loyola University of Chicago, School of Social Work.

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