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Dear Manager,

It’s time we start a conversation about mental health at work. Did you know that job-induced anxiety is on the rise? That when your people suffer, your company does too? Unaddressed mental health conditions lead to low productivity and missed work days. Both of which, cost you cash. That’s why we’re asking employees everywhere to stop suffering in silence, and ask for more.

Made of Millions

know the facts


of adults say their stress has increased over the past five years.


of employees say stress and anxiety impact their job performance.


of missed workdays can be attributed to a mental condition.

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Beautiful Brains

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Beautiful Brains is a six-step program that helps modern businesses implement progressive mental health policies. It covers everything from stigmatizing language and employee accommodations, to confidentiality plans and cultural initiatives.

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Once you’ve asked your employer for help, take to social to inspire others. Share your workplace mental health experiences online using the hashtag #DearManager. Or, DM us directly and we'll turn it into a custom asset.